Girl Power Campaign

“The bracelets remind me that it is okay to be myself, follow my dreams and make a difference in others’ lives”

The Girl Power Campaign is equipping parents with a fun but powerful way to develop a positive self-image in their daughters. Based on latest cognitive behavioral and growth mindset reseach we have created five simple steps that will change how girls see themselves, others, and their future. Join the Campaign, get your bracelets and begin the journey with your girl today.   Purchase Bracelets

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Low Self-Confidence
- 75% of girls with low self-esteem reported engaging in negative activities such as disordered eating, cutting, bullying, smoking, drinking and using drugs
- The impact of low self-esteem often leads to behaviors that can be life altering well beyond teen years
- Girl self-esteem peaks at age 9 then plummets

How A Father’s Love…   A Rubber Band and A Ballpoint Pen became a Catalyst for Launching the Girl Power Campaign

Concern for his daughter’s self-esteem and peer pressure led him to the unique concept of writing inspiring messages on stretched rubber bands has turned into a national campaign equipping parents with tools to empower young girls to live confident and positive lives. Stretch-n-reveal bands created 10 years ago while delivering his mail route; Brian Redmond, creator, was inspired to write a message to his daughter on a rubber band stretched around his bundle of mail. He left the rubber band on the breakfast bar for her the next morning with a note to stretch it to reveal the message. She absolutely loved it! Over the next several years, Redmond fine-tuned his design and materials and last year his concept became a reality. Zootuz  stretch-n-reveal bands are the exciting new wave of fun, fashion and interaction for teens and tweens, and beyond! A couple of years ago as his daughter was pulling out of the drive way heading to college she noticed a rubber band around her gear shifter she took it off, stretch it and revealed the message, ‘I love you, miss you and am so proud of you.” She called me, “Thank you, Daddy for always being there for me.” Redmond’s daughter is now a High School math teacher in an inner city alternative school.


5 Simple Steps

Studies indicate that girls’ top desire is for their parents to spend time with them using open communication in a safe environment. They want to feel special and important. Girl Power Campaign has put together 5 steps to help you encourage and relate with your girls. Our sponsor Zootuz has created fun and fashionable Stretch-N-Reveal bracelets as daily reminders to help implement the steps. Studies show daily positive reinforcement builds young girls self-confidence. We suggest focusing on one step each week.

1. Empowered to Be Yourself

Give your girl the “Empowered to Be Yourself” bracelet  Purchase Bracelets

Let your girls know that it is okay to be themselves. Remind them that they are unique and wonderfully made. They are complete in themselves. Help them understand social and media pressure that try to influence who they think they should be. Teach them that when they wear a mask only the mask receives love and that by being themselves they empower others to do the same. Write her a note… or send her a card. Share some of the peer-pressures you faced at her age and how you handled it, right or wrong.

2. Empowered to Always Shine Bright

Give your girl the “Empowered to Always Shine Bright” bracelet  Purchase Bracelets

Woman and young girl embracing outdoors smilingTeach them to give a smile, it costs nothing but reaps huge benefits. Show them how to be grateful to and for others. Remind them that by giving everything they do their best effort that it is a reflection of who they are. Prompt them to genuinely care about others, putting their selves in others’ shoes. Show them how to assume positive intent. Encourage your girls to get involved in the something they enjoy…sports, music, dance, etc. Just as light chases away darkness in a room, their bright attitude will have the same affect. Take her to a special event or local high school play.

3. Empowered to Follow Your Dreams

Give your girl the “Empowered to Follow Your Dreams” bracelet  Purchase Bracelets

Encourage your girls to pursue their dreams. Have them envision where or who they want to be, teaching them goal setting is a valuable asset.

Let them know you believe in them and support their dreams. Encourage them to try something new – give it one year – one season. Help them set obtainable goals, remind them that accomplishment feeds their self-confidence. Their dreams are the seeds to future successes and must be fed and watered daily. Buy her a special nightlight this week.

4. Empowered to Make a Difference

Give her “Empowered to Make a Difference” bracelet  Purchase Bracelets

Teenage girls using phone outdoorsEncourage your girls to mentor other girls; they can make a difference in others’ lives. Reassure them that all girls their age share similar feelings and pressures so they can learn to reassure others. Let them know they are not alone and that you are there for them. Although many girls want and need open conversation,they might not make it entirely clear to you. Set aside time to have these conversations… remember to just listen and NOT judge. Have her invite someone for a hot fudge Sunday…your treat!

5.  Empowered to Change the World

Give your girl the “Empowered to Change the World” bracelet  Purchase Bracelets

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image9185359By teaching and encouraging your girls these concepts it can be instrumental in getting them involved enabling them to make a change in the world. You can encourage them to volunteer at school, in the community, at church, etc. Helping others provides them a sense of purpose and value taking the focus off of them. Volunteering and helping others can do wonders for their self-esteem. Remind them to include others; they may even reach out by having others join them in volunteering. Find a place to volunteer this week…local food bank, church, community center, etc…do it together and talk about how she felt afterwards. Encourage her to find another volunteer experience.